How Lawsuit Funding Works

Applying for funding is quick and easy. Simply fill out our quick application and submit. We do the hard work for you. We’ll make a call to your attorney to discuss, in broad terms, the details of your case, what he/she believes it is worth, and at what stage you are in with your case.

Often times, a litigation funding decision is made in a few hours. You’ll hear back from us quickly where we present an offer for your review. After that, you’ll be provided a contract to sign and receive your pre-settlement or post-settlement lawsuit advance funding.



Use our quick application to get started or call us at 321-775-4013 today.


Assignment of a Funding Specialist

We assign a funding specialist who has experience with your specific case type


Document Request

You authorize release of information and we contact your attorney for all pertinent case documents.


Case Evaluation

We evaluate your case to provide the maximum amount which can be funded at the time. We’ll advise you of rate and funding amount.


Receive your money

You and your attorney will sign and execute a contract for the funded amount. After execution, you’ll receive the funds within 24-48 hours!

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24 Hour Approval

We can often approve your funding within 24 hours. The time table depends on your case details, how early you are in the process, and the amount of your request. Once approval is made, funds can be provided by direct deposit or overnight delivery. We will contact your attorney for any other relevant details, once you submit your application. When your advance is approved, your signature and your attorney’s signature can be provided almost instantly via electronic means. Don’t let your financial stress hurry you to settlement for less than you deserve. Apply today!



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