What is Lawsuit Funding?

Balance the Playing Field

Your attorney needs sufficient time to properly settle your case. Many people like yourself cannot afford to give their attorney the necessary time because you can’t pay your bills without a settlement.

We provide you with the financial assistance to pay your bills so your attorney has enough time to get YOU the largest settlement possible from your case. You won’t have to settle for less money than you deserve. The funding provided by us is risk free. If you lose your case, YOU WILL OWE US NOTHING!

There are numerous types of personal injury claims. We can provide pre-settlement funding for medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability/slip and fall, product liability and defective drugs.

A Simple Way to

Get Lawsuit Funding


Use our quick application to get started.


Assignment of a Funding Specialist

We assign a funding specialist who has experience with your specific case type

Document Request

You authorize release of information and we contact your attorney for all pertinent case documents.


Case Evaluation

We evaluate your case to provide the maximum amount which can be funded at the time. We’ll advise you of rate and funding amount.

Receive your money

You and your attorney will sign and execute a contract for the funded amount. After execution, you’ll receive your pre-settlement advance funding within 24-48 hours!


Difference Between a Settlement Loan and Cash Advance

A loan typically requires collateral, credit checks, verification of income, and monthly payments. If you fail to make those monthly payments, your credit report is affected. This is not a pre-settlement loan!

We review your pending claim and advance you money based on the projected outcome of your case. No monthly payments are requested, no credit check performed, no income verification is required, and your credit report will not be affected by the outcome of your case. If you lose your case, then you OWE US NOTHING. We understand that it can take several years to settle your case, and no payments are required to us until it is settled!

If you are an attorney seeking an advance against a case or several cases, we will review that as well. We understand that a case can be capital intensive, often requiring investigation, filing fees, and expert witness costs. This can be a financial burden on your firm prior to the case being settled. Call Us!

If you do not have an attorney and need one to help you with your case, please fill out this quick questionnaire

Cash for your Auto Accident/ Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit !

Are you in a financial bind after being injured in a car accident? At Ridgemont Funding, we specialize in auto accident lawsuit funding. If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit and need money now, we provide auto accident lawsuit loans to those who qualify. We know that the circumstances surrounding these types of accidents can leave you financially devastated, considering the high cost of medical care today. If you are unable to work because of your injuries, you may find it impossible to pay the bills. We can help! Many injured victims file lawsuits due to the fact that insurance companies typically offer far less than the victim deserves. The problem is, personal injury lawsuits usually take months to complete; in the meantime, you find yourself going further into debt, unable to pay household bills, medical costs and other expenses. With auto accident lawsuit funding, you can get the cash you need right now, usually within 24 hours if you qualify.

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24 Hour Approval

We can often approve your funding within 24 hours. The time table depends on your case details, how early you are in the process, and the amount of your request. Once approval is made, funds can be provided by direct deposit or overnight delivery. We will contact your attorney for any other relevant details, once you submit your application. When your advance is approved, your signature and your attorney’s signature can be provided almost instantly via electronic means. Don’t let your financial stress hurry you to settlement for less than you deserve. Apply today!



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